Code Red!! An android app!

Stress @ Work is an Android app developed by a student at England’s University of Portsmouth. It color-codes incoming messages on Facebook, Twitter and via text, using their choice of language to predict their tone.

Green means positive, blue is neutral and red is a warning of potential nastiness.

Masters student” Lorraine Chambers said she created the app so people know whether to expect to feel better or worse after checking in”.

“The ultimate objective of this application is to make the user aware of the negative contents they receive so they are able to manage their stress in the best possible way,” Mohamed Gaber, a senior lecturer at the university, added in a news release.

“For example, if most of what is received from social media websites by a user on a particular day was negative, it is important that the user attempts to take an action in order to not get stressed, especially if this may affect the individual’s performance at work and/or their behavior at home.”

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